The Red Deer Hash House Harriers are a drinking group with a running problem. Join us for a run/walk every Thursday night at 7pm, rain or shine. 

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Thursday September 22, 2022 - Run #1190
Hare: Whoreslayer
Start: Michener Hill curling arena
Pre-lube: Murphs

Run info.:

This run is for all you conspiracy theorists, so get out your best tin foil hat and bring it out. Let's see how clear our thinking gets with headgear that looks great and protects from all that electromagnetic radiation, 5G, and the like. Lots of great ideas on the interweb if you havent already made one.

The prize for best hat is punishment immunity.

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Hash Historian- Sir Wee Little Bladder
Religious AdvisorSir Mobey's of Dickus
Treasurer - Sir Mobey's of Dickus
Swill Meister - Sir Broken Boner
WebMeister - Crash Test Rummy
SongMeister - Lady Cum See My Box
Haberdashery - Slippery When Wet
HareRaiser - Don't Know Dick
Hash cash - TNT