Who's haring?

New to haring and would like help learning how to set trail, pick a good spot for your On On etc, just talk to anyone in Mismanagement. We'll be happy to assist!


Below is the revised " Covid Hare" list.  This covers the next couple of months and pending COVID may be revised.  If you cannot do your assigned run please workout a trade with someone and then let DKD know of the change.  If you are not assigned a run and would like to hare please reach out and she will assign you one.  At this point in time hares are NOT providing Hash Hold drinks or munchies.  

Run # 1135  26-Nov-20 DickSee Cup & Brie
Run # 1136  3-Dec-20 Chips a Whore
Run # 1137  10-Dec-20 Broken Boner
Run # 1138  17-Dec-20 Doggy Style
Run # 1139  24-Dec-20 TBA
Run # 1140  31-Dec-20 TBA
Run # 1141  7-Jan-21 Broken Boner
Run # 1142  14-Jan-21 Lady Miz Dazy
Run # 1143  21-Jan-21 Sir Mobey
Run # 1144  28-Jan-21 Curb Crawler
Run # 1145  4-Feb-21 Doggie
Run # 1146  11-Feb-21 TNT
Run # 1147  18-Feb-21 Wee Little Bladder
Run # 1148  25-Feb Slippery
Run # 1149  4-Mar Lady Cum See
Run # 1150  11-Mar-21 Chips a Whore
Run # 1151  18-Mar-21 Deep Throat
Run # 1152  25-Mar-21 Curb Crawler
Run # 1153  1-Apr-21 Pucker Sucker
Run # 1154  8-Apr-21 Crash
Run # 1155  15-Apr-21 Cum Liquor Snatch